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Have you ever wondered how good of a parent you would be? Have ever wanted to create a child, and see it grow, without the need to have a relationship or any life-long commitments?


'Child Simulator' offers a thorough and realistic representation of a childs life, from pre-birth to adulthood. The game is truly adaptive, and aims to teach potential fathers how to raise a child.


  •  Create a child: every body part
  •  See your child grow to adulthood
  •  Help your child through education, physical activity and musical talent. 
  • Work to improve your final score at the end of the game

Created for the "So Bad It's Good" Jam, in about 6 days. 


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Child Simulator - Windows 64-bit 81 MB
Child Simulator - Windows 32-bit 72 MB


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This game was wonderful, it had such a galactic cafe vibe (Stanley parable creators) slightly upset when I realized I couldn't put my own name but then laughed my ass off at the pre name. Creating characters in this game was amazing and can take you as far as your mind will let you, I am absolutely having my friends try out this game. I thought the game was creative and just sarcastic enough for you to have a great time! The only thing I had trouble with/didn't fully understand was the calendar, after I pressed the grow up piece it didn't have anything but a black screen, so i'm not sure if that was your intent or if it's just a bug, but it was fun regardless!! I look forward to checking out some of your other work! 

I'm gonna be honest. I have absolutely no idea what is causing the black screen thing. I think it might be an engine issue. Were you using the 32-bit or 64-bit version of the game? Thanks!

the 64 bit